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Eliminate debt in around 5 years using investment properties, keep reading to learn more about this extraordinary approach.

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Our two main services

Eliminate Debt

Accumulate Positive wealth

Own your own home in around 5 years

How to achieve 0% home loan

Pay off investment properties fast

save a considerable amount of tax

recoup tax previously paid

Retire early

Build a positive property portfolio

New home plan

Discounted property portfolios

Savings plan for holidays & new cars

Secure your future

Improve my lifestyle

Explore wealth

Secure my children’s future

Leave a valuable inheritance

Pay off your home and unlock your future

Have a great life

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About Us


The Owner of the company, Mark Taylor worked at The Sydney Stock Exchange running London and Japan for the National Nominees. There Mark learnt a few extra keys regarding compound interest and Home Loans. This was the basis for The Company NCIP latter known as Mortgage Eliminators. I Believe what we have is the best financial product in the Market place to Eliminate Your Mortgage FAST and Unlock Your Future. 

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Our Services

The most important question of all is, What 3 things would you like to achieve, have or be able to do, in your future?
We have an extremely high success rate of achieving these goals for our clients.

Once you have started your journey out of debt. We organise a block of land and an excellent builder to build for you a workhorse of an Investment Property.

Soon you will be out of debt and we have accumulated a few Investment Properties we start to get them out of debt giving you a considerable financial return each month.

Whatever you want to achieve in life, we can help you.
After 35 years of helping people to achieve their goals, we can proudly say that we have never failed. NEVER
If you really want your goals, call us with confidence today for a FREE chat.

Our 7 steps to freedom


Call us for a FREE consultation to discuss if this opportunity is right for you.


Casual presentation that includes, product viewing, showing rent and tax benefits.


View area and house plans, and if possible previously built properties


Discuss Bank, Finance Broker and Solicitor, signing of land and build contracts.


Updates during the build. The property manager will start advertising for renters. Inspection of the finished product


Work with you to eliminate your mortgage FAST.


Build a property portfolio for a stress-free lifestyle. Enabling you to achieve all your life goals.

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