We have received so many comments re the high cost of living.
The good news is that we have The Answer.
If you are serious about improving your lifestyle please read the article below.
Let’s start by having a serious look at becoming Debt Free to our mortgage in the shortest possible time. 
The first step is … To become debt-free to your mortgage i.e. own your home outright, as soon as you can. We have numerous plans that give you a Mortgage-Free Life Style in around 6 mths to 5 years to 8 years. The game plans will suit most people’s situations and still being able to achieve your Life Goals. That is far better then the Banks 30 year mortgage plan for you.

The Banks Plan

The PIT represents the hole you dig and disappear into when we buy a home.

   P.  Represents “Principle.” Which has to be paid back to the Bank

   I.  Represents mortgage “Interest” paid over 30 years to the Bank
   T.  Represents the “Tax” paid on the money you earnt to give to the Bank and Tax    
This adds up to some fairly large numbers. 
For Example
P. $500.000 the principle that has to be paid back to the Bank
I. $500,000 Interest paid to the Bank over a 30 year mortgage
T. $500,000 Tax paid on the above $1,000,000  
Borrow $500,000 you have to earn around $1,500,000 to pay out to the Bank and theTax Department to finally own your home out right. 
Example, Borrow $700,000 you will have to earn around $2,100,000 to pay out to the Bank and theTax Department to own your home in around 30 years.
Approximately three times what you borrowed. 
Even though interest rates go up and down during the 30 year journey, all the ratios are basically the same.
You become a slave to the Bank. Just as the slave was chained to the oar for a lifetime, you are chained to the Bank. 
First and Foremost, the Banks are major profit making organisations.
They are not our friends as such, but a business who are responsible for earning a considerable profit. Each and every year. 
The consequences of having a 30 year Bank Mortgage, are tuff, broken relationships, not having time to spend with your family etc etc.
Phone us now and we will show you how you can be out of debt to the PIT in around, lets say 5 to 8 years 
Your Plan
Depending on what your Life Plans are, we can design a plan for you and work that plan with you, so you can materialise all your goals.
If you would like to have in 6 months $2,000 to $3,000 additional funds to help pay your mortgage than contact us now to see if you qualify.
For more FREE information, contact Mark today 0414 411 144 so you can eliminate your mortgage and unlock your future.