Mortgage Eliminators team have extensive experience in property debt reduction strategies. Our team works with professionals in the areas of finance, accounting, book keeping, financial advice, builders, property managers for the marketing of purposefully built investment properties for your portfolio. Mortgage Eliminators can beat the Banks 30 year mortgage plan by reducing the time it takes to own your home down to 3 to 8 years. Lets get 25 years of your life back!

Mark Taylor (Principal)

Mark started his career working with National Nominees at the Sydney Stock Exchange buying and selling equities in England & Japan on behalf of clients. After this Mark saw the opportunity to help people own their own home in the shortest possible timeframe. Having worked as a Property Debt Reduction Specialist for 33+ years. His passion for helping people to own their homes as soon as possible, usually 3 to 8 years, allowing clients, if they wish to then go on and build a property portfolio for an Early Retirement.

“These finer skills of debt reduction can then be taught to our clients children. Leaving an Inheritance is a goal for most parents. Now it’s very real.” Mark has great interpersonal skills and an amazing ability to communicate with clients and guide them through their journey. Mark’s simple philosophy is, “most people have a mortgage they would rather not have, whether the mortgage be over a the family home or an investment property. My job of saving our clients generations of hard work is extremely satisfying.”

Stewart Brown

Stewart is a recognised Sales & Marketing specialist with 25+ years experience in fields as diverse as direct marketing, pharmaceuticals, solar energy and telephony. Stewart is also a noted sales trainer, motivator, public speaker and holds a post graduate qualification in clinical hypnotherapy. Through years of assisting people to realize their full potential, Stewart has come to understand that one of the most limiting factors in the average person reaching their goals is the restriction that their home loan debt places on their day to day lives.

When Stewart met Mark Taylor he quickly realised that Mark had developed a unique, proven system that would free people from their home loan debt and give them their lives back. Ever since that day Stewart has strived to share this system with as many people as possible for as he states….

“We were not born to simply enrich the banks”

Robert Zullo, B.Bus.

Robert has an extensive background of property planning, research and development management. He ran his own property finance & strategy business for many years. Since joining Mortgage Eliminators he also assists clients with debt reduction strategies. Robert also brings project & commercial management & financial experience to our team & assists with sales & marketing, commercial negotiations and securing project & property finance when required. He has over 25+ years’ experience working in various professional property consulting roles as well as development management roles.

He was General Manager of the award winning Honeysuckle Development Project on the Newcastle Harbour front. This project was awarded a number of NSW State Urban Planning and National & International Urban Design Awards during Robert’s management of the project.